Stage and Gallery Performances

Kinesis Project produces work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly.
Creating beautifully fierce, highly crafted, deliciously human dances.

“…comically acrobatic, gracefully classical… visually arresting.”
-The New York Times


“It was a like a dream I didn’t want to end!”
– Audience member

Secrets and Seawalls is an evening of dance in two distinct acts. Inspired by storms and disruption, Melissa Riker, in collaboration with architect Lee H. Skolnick, FAIA, uses methods of dance and architecture to explore vulnerability, power and how each are revealed.

Dancers whisper across an expanse and move behind walls; stealing and sharing secrets in a shifting, immersive environment.

The piece is spurred by questions: Does power exist in the structures we create? In the way we withhold information? Or, is it in the vulnerability revealed before the storm?


Decisions, panic and lots and lots of tulle...

Premiere 2010 Judson Memorial Church

2012 Danspace Project, St. Mark’s Church

“…Captivating, comical, and very charming”
– Ballet-Magazine/

“With one stroke of a magic-wand, Riker has quickly turned us all into big sisters, favorite uncles, cousins from out of town…”
– Eva Yaa Asantewaa/Infinite Body Blog