Kinesis Project is a dance company that plans and choreographs flashmobs open to everyone in NYC.  We combine groups of professional dancers and dancing souls to make surprise, delight and spontaneous joy spring up all over the city.

Melissa Riker

Artistic Director of Kinesis Project dance theatre, Melissa has been creating dances on a professional level in NYC for almost 20 years.

She has been inventing dances outside and in surprising places since 1998.

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Why Flashmobs?

“There is nothing like the joyful energy of people who love dancing and celebrating other people! The adrenaline of excitement is amazing! Everyone wins – there are smiles for days and memories forever!!”

Jun Lee

A dancer/collaborator with Kinesis Project dance theatre since 2009, Jun is also a freelance dancer, choreographer and event inventor. She has made flashmobs happen in Central Park, in restaurants and out on the streets of NYC. Jun is now a team member based in Los Angeles.

Why Flashmobs?

“Because flashmobs make the ordinary extraordinary! They celebrate the moments in our lives. 

Madeline Hoak

Madeline’s first show with Kinesis Project was in 2006, since then she has danced in parks, fountains and all along the Northeast. An accomplished aerialist and circus performer Madeline brings her unmatched ability to wrangle children and adults combined with a joyful artistic skill in her flashmobs.

Why Flashmobs?

“Flashmobs are are like fireworks: bursts of beauty momentarily uniting a miscellaneous crowd that leave trails of joy and unforgettable memories.”

Zoe Levine

An original core member of Kinesis Project dance theatre, Zoe is now on the Board of Directors of the dance company.  She is dedicated to forwarding the vision of dance in surprising places as a way to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone.