Flashmobs: Proposals, Weddings, Birthdays... a landmark moment

Kinesis Project has created over 30 flashmobs since 2012.

There is nothing like creating a dance to celebrate someone you love. People are amazing and joy is boundless.

Bert’s proposal to Alise in front of Madison Sq. Garden. Add a surprise have your cousin jump into the dance.

Creating a flashmob was fun and nerve wracking…Melissa really understood my limitations and did a great job choreographing moves easy enough for me to comprehend yet deep enough to look complicated.

My favorite part was the process. The bonding of family and friends to secretly create this wonderful experience to surprise my Fiancee. The support I was given was refreshing and Melissa and the dancers were really willing to make changes and instructions at a moments notice to ensure I was comfortable. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them as they exceeded my expectations. My finance loved it so much that she is considering incorporating the flash mob again during our wedding.

-Ariel McDade

Matt’s Bryant Park Proposal, choreographed by Melissa.